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Drawings for Manhattan | Jeff Konigsberg | Socks Studio

New York based artist Jeff Konigsberg is familiar with different drawings techniques and subjects. His works range from purely abstract shapes and intricate compositions of lines and wires to more documentary images with a surreal tone.

His series “Drawings for Manhattan” imagines a dystopian outcome after Hurricane Sandy. The natural catastrophe becomes the starting point for a division of the city into different areas as the gigantic walls erected to prevent a damage turn into a real tool for segregation.

In the artist’s words:

“In the days following the flooding of NYC, I began this series of drawings. The first 7 of these images are directly in response to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I decided to take the concept of sea walls to the extreme.The remaining drawings reflect a more paranoid outlook. They’re about walling off sections of any city into self-governing City States. The walls contain and prevent damage from a range of real and perceived threats.”


Batman storyboards by Bruce Timm

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